Status trends, document reviews and filter configurations are some of the news in the latest version of Antura Projects.

Status trends

Status trends Arrows are now displayed to the right of status icons. The arrow indicates the current trend of a status. Trend arrows indicate whether the status value has improved, deteriorated, or remained unchanged in comparison to the last previous progress report (no arrow will be shown if there is no previous progress report).

Trend arrows are displayed in all views and reports showing status lights.

Document review

Document review The document archive has been extended with functionality for managing processes for reviewing, approving and signing documents. Consequently, all document version numbers have been extended to two digits to represent major and minor versions.

The document review functionality includes the following components

  • Review - The function "Send for review" is used to collect feedback on a document. The reviewer has the option to make adjustments in the document and comment on any changes or other notes regarding the document.
  • Approval - The function "Send for approval" is used to allow one or more users to examine the document and give their approval. When all users have given their approval the current minor version of the document, it becomes the new major version.
  • Signing - Signing is used to define a final version of a document. When a document is signed it cannot be changed.
Respond to approval

Filter configurations

Filter configurations
It is now possible to save multiple filter configurations in several system views. All configurations are saved with a name and an associated description. Any configuration can be set as the default configuration. The default configuration loads the first time the user visits the view.

Date as property type

Date as property type
It is now possible to create custom date properties on projects, documents, issues, risks and users.

A new filter control makes it possible to do advanced selection based on the following choices:

  • Custom interval
  • Day
    • Tomorrow
    • Today
    • Yesterday
  • Week
    • Next week
    • This week
    • Last week
  • Month
    • Next month
    • This month
    • Last month
  • Quarter
    • Next quarter
    • This quarter
    • Last quarter
  • Year
    • Next year
    • This year
    • Last year

Document properties in Antura Projects for SharePoint

It is now possible to synchronize document properties between Antura Projects and SharePoint® with the add-on product Antura Projects for SharePoint®. The feature is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and allows a convenient way to exchange metadata between the systems.